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The view from Blaise’s flat- Bottle of wine and dance party finished, walking a block over to see the tower light show!

I can’t believe you’re so close! This looks fantastic and whimsically delightful!

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2 years ago
Does anyone else have this weird fear…

Whenever I see someone sleeping it always freaks me out that maybe they’ll just stop breathing for some reason. Like whenever Karen is asleep I’m afraid that she isn’t breathing anymore so I have to check to make sure that she still is. It’s the same as when w first got Mila. I’m afraid that people will just stop breathing in their sleep all of a sudden, is that weird?

This divorce better not screw up Kobe’s game!


Oh, who am I kidding… Pau is all mentally messed up because of this trade nonsense. We didn’t get Howard or Paul. The CLIPPERS got Paul. We got rid of Odom, essentially for no reason except Kapono. The Lakers are screwed this season. Michael is lucky the Knicks are my back up team but I will NEVER give my full allegiance to them. And when the Lakers play the Bulls on that wonderful Christmas morning, I will be right there cheering them on… In New York… Dammit.

Mwhahahaha, I’m slowly converting you my love……It was as simple as convincing Kobe’s wife to divorce him. Yes, it me…

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We moved into this apartment in August


and we have YET to get a microwave.  We cook food all the time and even heat up leftovers but sometimes I’m in awe at how far we have gotten without having to heat up food in one minute.

Sometimes, when I’m lazy, I do miss one though.  I think eventually we’ll cave and get one…maybe not now but at some point we will.

We went through almost 6 months of not having a FRIDGE or COUCH, I think we’ve shown that we can live without major apartment essentials….

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Places to visit in New York


East Village:
Griff Dog

West Village:

M. Wells (Long Island City)
The Arepa


Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (Check for location on Twitter)

Bleeker Street Records

Lower East Side:
Tammany Hall

Great NY Noodletown

Upper East Side:
Gray’s Papaya

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It’s official, the dreams over…..Mila can open doors now

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10 minutes left and all I’ve done with my day is check out what I’d look like with a Tom Selleck mustache.

Can I just go home?

short answer, yes to the stache…

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It’s a family cuddle kind of day

2 years ago

My baby holding my other baby. Mila looks like one of those goats that climb trees

3 years ago

First hair cut in a year and a half, thoughts?

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